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Let Him Who Has Ears

 Hey, I’m Stef. I am a girl who began really loving Christ as a bright-eyed teen, and somehow this whole “serious adult life” has sprung up around me. I find myself striving to stay connected to the passionate dreamer I once was, the one who truly believes God has great, GREAT plans in store. It’s sometimes tough when your career has requirem...

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Hi, I'm Kaylyn. After 4 years of "training" on how to serve in ministry, I'm living it out day-to-day within my family and community. But, I'm still learning what it means to serve and not be served. I love my baby ladies and my husband more than I thought I could, and am thankful for the uncompromising love Christ has for me. "Freedom"- a word I've been dwelling on lat...

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Dealing With Stress

My name is Emily-Rose Pappas. I am 14 years old and am homeschooled. I love drawing and reading and spending time with friends and family.   Stress. One of the things we dread most of all. Going through our lives, we come across many “problems”. The problems could be anywhere from school, that guy or girl you’ve had a crush on, or even problems w...

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Christian Doctor

A little bit about me: I am Kaitlyn. I love singing. I love writing (Which is why I am here). I hope what I write shows just how much God can make a difference in your life.       I had a doctors appointment with a new doctor that my momma had said was a nice doctor. I was a little iffy because I don't like doctors at all. Only reason is because i hate...

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Not For Sale!

A little bit about me: I'm a twenty-something who enjoys food, people and the outdoors - including my new found hobby of disc golf.  When I was tasked with writing for the blog I asked myself the question, “What do I want all of the readers to know about?” It didn’t take me long to realize I needed to talk about the issue of Human Trafficking: The i...

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God's Not Dead...He's Alive in Us!

  A little bit about me: I am Kaitlyn. I love singing I love writing which is why I am here. I hope what I write shows just how much God can make a difference in your life.    I recently just saw the new movie God's Not Dead featuring the Newsboys. I am not going to give spoilers. I promise, but this movie made me realize what a difference God has reall...

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Something Special About Christianity...

A little bit about me: My name is Mike DiPietro, I attend Saint Peter Marian High School and am in the 11th grade. In my spare time I do a variety of things. I fence, play video games, or practice guitar. Some of you may know me from the Band in Church or at the Youth Group. I tend to enjoy conversation and talking to new people so if any of you know of me feel free to com...

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Dealing with Normality, Psychics and Ouija Boards, Oh My!

  In our sermon yesterday we discussed the span of the Israelite United Monarchy (1050-930BC). This is when Saul reigned as King, then David reigned, then Solomon reigned. We found out Saul (Wolverine), David (Lion, Elvis or James Bond?) and Solomon (N.T. Wright + Donald Trump) all failed in the quest of "being IN the world but not OF the world." At some point, they ...

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Naomi, Ruth and Boaz - A Story of HESED love

Yesterday at Church we focused on the book of Ruth. We saw HESED love (the love that takes commitments seriously) through the examples of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz. Since we live in a post-commital society this story is almost shocking to us. The levels of commitment and servanthood exhibited in those few chapters of Ruth serve to show us examples of the sort of love God has ...

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"Don't Try This at Home"

  During our most recent sermon @andrewbluepiano tweeted, "Shoulda started this sermon with 'Do not try this at home' #hcpreach." Haha, he was probably right. I (Pastor Mike) actually got lost but I heard my good buddy Aaron the High Priest of the Israelites showed up to explain to everyone what the sacrificial system (as seen in Leviticus chapters 1-7) is all about....

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