Week One of Walking in God's Word

Week one of  "Walking in God's Word" has been really exciting! I have heard so many people processing Genesis 1 as they meet together by the fireplace in the community room, in the hallways by the One Page Bible, on the couches in the Welcome Center and in the office area. It truly is so encouraging to me, your pastor, to see such enthusiasm and interest! I have been able to begin my sabbatical with a real sense of joy, peace and eager anticipation as to what God is going to accomplish in all of us during this time! Thank you Holden Chapel

Just to re-cap the benefits of slowing down and walking together in God's Word: 

  1. Better Focus. When we slow down, we can focus better. It's hard to focus if you're moving too fast. 
  2. Deeper Focus. Rushing produces misunderstandings and/or shallowness, because we never have time to dig beneath the surface. 
  3. Better Appreciation. You can really appreciate what you have, what you're doing, who you're doing it with, when you take the time to slow down and really pay attention. 
  4. Enjoyment. When you appreciate things, you enjoy them more. Slowing down allows you to enjoy life to the fullest. 
  5. Less Stress. Rushing produces anxiety and higher stress levels. Two things nobody wants! Slowing down is calmer, relaxing, and peaceful. 

So, here is to a more enjoyable, relaxing, peaceful New Year, focusing more deeply and appreciating more fully the beauty of God's Holy Word! 

P.S. "Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?" : )

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