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CAMP BEREA WAS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE! All together we were 15 strong - 9 men and 6 women. What a blast! We loved the worship band (ATTABOY), we learned a lot from the speaker, and we had way too much to do with the time we had - tubing, dominion, paintball, photo contest, basketball, volleyball, bouncy-ball competition, tuggle-war competition, etc. etc. etc. We didn't sleep much b/c we figured we can always sleep later. The theme of the weekend was "TIMELESS" and all of our activities were geared around God's timlessness and how that affects the way we as teens spend our own time. 

We'll post some pictures from the weekend to FACEBOOK soon. Thanks to everyone who was praying with us and for us. We had a lot of significant conversations. As a group we were able to be honest with one another and the students really opened up to the leaders and to one another. This was a bonding experience for all of us and we hope to bring that momentum into our schools so that others can be blessed by the way the ELEVATE youth group is living out their faith in the world. 

*If you look closely, you will see one of our students Emily Rose (@EmeRose246) taking part in one of the large group activities. Her side won - woop woop! 

- Pastor Mike 


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