Blogging at you Tweeters - From Sunday, October 27th, 2013

This past Sunday was the first Sunday we attempted to incorporate Twitter into our worship service. I say attempted b/c for some reason the tweets weren't showing up on my computer. There was some sort of interference. This problem should be fixed soon, sorry everyone. So on Sunday, instead of responding to the tweets I opened up the floor for some Q&A after the sermon. But we had some good questions from Twitter I didn't get to so what I've done is posted the questions from Twitter and have responded to them here. Feel free to check it out and further comment if I've missed anything:

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@J_Kellzz_NPA: "How can we discover our gifts through prayer and apply them to our day to day activities? If they don't relate to what we do daily?"

Someone from the crowd also asked a similar question - where can we go to discover which gifts are ours? Pastor Tom and I will bring some resources to your attention in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. But how can we apply these gifts to our lives if it doesn't seem to relate with what we do daily? That is such a great question - but it's hard for me to know what to say to it because never in my life have I heard of someone having a gift that doesn't somehow apply to their life. It may SEEM like it doesn't, but in every instance I've seen, the gift always somehow supernaturally aligns with that person and the needs around them. So the disconnect is only apparent - it probably isn't actually real. However, we should remember that just because we have a certain gift, that doesn't mean we are only limited to seeing God work through us only in that way. As well, it doesn't mean we will practice that gift on a daily basis necessarily. @J - I'd love to chat more about this...I'm only scratching the surface here. But for now, check out Ephesians 2:10 because I think that verse can help us understand the answer to this question.

@artgirl3Monique: "What about Sunday school teaching? We need teachers, and they may not all have the gift of teaching."

Great question! God may call people into a teaching role even if they don't seem to have the gift of teaching. Sometimes God will give someone a temporary strength to do what is necessary at that time, or sometimes God calls us out of our comfort zones which in turn forces us to rely on Him even more. However, for those who ARE teaching and they don't have a knack for it, or a talent in teaching, or the gift of teaching, they should assess how much time during the week they should be doing what they may not actually enjoy doing in the first place! These gifts are not boundaries - they don't take us away or disqualify us from serving in other ways - they are meant to be life-giving and to help us understand ourselves and how God usually works in us on a daily basis.

@cvmjr: "Can someone prophecy on the spot?" "Can we prophecy without having the gift?"

Yes, and yes. Prophecy can be done on the spot when the Holy Spirit inspires it. Pastor Tom gave some direction on how prophecy is to look in a corporate context which allows for a prophecy to be tested BEFORE it is shared with everyone. So oftentimes prophecy, just like teaching, looks different in the context of a one-on-one relationship and in a corporate environment. As well, can and do people propecy without themselves having the gift? Absolutely! But prophecy is never true unless it is inspired by the Holy Spirit and unless it perfectly aligns with Scripture. God works through us - both through our spiritual gifts and otherwise - God is way bigger (and even better) than His gifts! The gifts are always to be pointing us back to the Giver.

@AllFoto01: "How do we test prophecy?"

Hopefully this was cleared up by the time I ended the sermon. First off, ask yourself - Is the Holy Spirit confirming this prophecy is true? This is a subjective test but it is a helpful question nonetheless. Also, you can ask, does this prophecy contradict Scripture? If it does, you know it isn't a true prophecy. Sometimes parts of prophecy will be right on and other parts are off - so it isn't always a wholesale yes or no. Depending on the situation, it will be more or less helpful and more or less true.

@SteinFaith: "How do you discern between 'prophecy' and just being lead by the Holy Spirit?"

Awesome question. For the answer: I have no idea! For the purposes of mature believers - who cares?! :) It's all the same anyways. The label "prophecy" is helpful only so far... in fact labels can get in the way of what the Lord is doing b/c we can get distracted with trying to label and identify what just happened every time the Lord does something through us. But the purpose of these gifts is not to always know which gift is at work, but to know that God is somehow working through us! For me, I didn't realize I had the gift of prophecy until I had heard it described and realized that that is what was happening. Previously I just assumed the Holy Spirit was doing His thing... And in the end it's kinda all the same anyways. So my advice? When you don't know if it's prophecy or something else... don't try to figure it out, just praise God for what He's doing! One day this will all make perfect sense... but until then we are just doing our best to enjoy God and love Him forever... and the gifts of the Spirit is just one way God allows us to do that.

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