Christian Doctor


A little bit about me: I am Kaitlyn. I love singing. I love writing (Which is why I am here). I hope what I write shows just how much God can make a difference in your life.




I had a doctors appointment with a new doctor that my momma had said was a nice doctor. I was a little iffy because I don't like doctors at all. Only reason is because i hate needles. I walked into the waiting room and I saw a book. The Bible. Nothing else to read unless it was christian related. Interesting...I got in my room and waited for him.

He walks in and introduces himself... I started to warm up to him. As he started my physical he started to ask me about this blog i told him i was writing for. He asked what kind of things i write about. He also talked with me about the new God's Not Dead movies. He proceeded to make sure I was talking during everything he did. He asked me if i understood that God does everything for a reason. I explained how I felt about everything I knew with all his questions.

It amazes me that a doctor could be so talkative with the subject of God. He asked me so many questions and shared a lot with me. He made this conversation with me and then, honestly, he said "I am only questioning you to get on your blog!" :) He has a huge sense of humor, but he knew how to share what he knows and feels with others.

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