Expecting the Unexpected


The expected is always unexpected.

02-16-2014 Expecting the Unexpected (web)

When you first read this odd statement, what did you think? That it was strange? Maybe that it was out of the blue? Something you never thought about before? Yes, it is strange, yes it was indeed out of the blue, and yeah, maybe it was something you had never thought about before. Let’s look at it this way. You’re sitting on the couch with a big bowl of steamy popcorn, and you’re ready to start the new adventure thriller you just bought at Target. This specific movie is known for its amazing action scenes and thrilling battles and comebacks between the forces of good and evil. Sound like a movie everyone would want to watch, right? Well, the movie goes on and you get involved in the characters’ lives and roles in the movie; as villain or protagonist.

Take The Lord of the Rings for example, if you will:


Frodo Baggins is the underdog of the story, but when his highly esteemed cousin, Bilbo Baggins, leaves him The Ring, he’s whisked off on an adventure. Along for the ride are amazing new friends who work together like a well-oiled machine- with a wizard to boot! Just like in the story, our lives slowly become normal to us, almost like watching awesome adventure movies. We begin to expect everything to go well and end up perfect in the end; good prevails, and you’ll end up fine in the end.

All of this is true, with one exception. Frodo and Sam ended up leaving this so called Fellowship of the Ring, and it even ended up in the death of one its members! And if that wasn’t as unexpected, then Gandalf comes back, but much more powerful. All of these things are examples of when life suddenly veers off of course. You are at the edge of your seat, will the protagonists win? Of course they will!

God has given you a life roughly like a thriller movie, complete with all the battles and good prevailing and everything set up in a big showcase extravaganza! But wait. Have I ever picked up a sword and actually vanquished someone? Nope, and to be quite honest, as cool as that sounds, I don’t want to. Look at it this way. God is the protagonist that everyone loves, and His partner in His good deeds is His Son Jesus. Together, they face every evil thrown at you, and the have an entire army of burly angels at their side. They fight off the “orcs”, or troubles in your life as you push on through life, and watch in amazement as the thriller movie that is your life unfolds. (Yes, I am seeming to go on and on with this blog, but I have a lot to say with this one.)

Now for the unexpected parts. Now, I’m not saying that a group of thirteen dwarves are going to come knocking on your door (if ya know what I mean), but that doesn’t mean that bumps will happen in the road of life. Like a scratched DVD that buffers, or a slow Netflix, our lives will eventually come to hardships. These things will often leave us frustrated and upset, maybe even angry. But you can’t let these unexpected buffering’s in your life stop you from continuing your journey! They should remind you that God will help you fix them, and don’t go expecting things that just won’t work. Pray. Think about it. Good always prevails, even when it seems hopeless, even when Gandalf dies, even when everything else seems hopeless, NEVER give up your faith. Keep on going and get through this adventure movie of your life. Remember to have fun.



My name is Emily-Rose Pappas. I am 15 years old and am homeschooled. I love drawing and reading and spending time with friends and family.

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That was great ... thanks cor sharing your notes. I'm sure that was a meditation for you. Goood job!

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