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I spent my first 33 years as a confirmed couch potato. My sister-in-law once told me my best talent is going out to dinner, but I disagreed saying I was even better at lying around reading a book. I used to hear people say things like “Running clears my head” or “I love the runner’s high!” and just silently remark- “The only running I will be doing is right after I deck you.”

Well- the baby weight after #3 didn’t just fall off while I was scarfing pizza and watching Desperate Housewives, so something had to be done. Starting was painful, and embarrassing. But it was strange…when I could run for one minute straight, I wanted to try for two. When I started racing myself I found I loved the feeling of triumph and achievement that came after I worked hard and succeeded. It was really hard, and still really is…but I push back because it is good for my body and spirit, and I have grown to love the work.

If you are a couch potato like me, but want to feel the runner’s high give a quick listen, this will totally take you there!

So when I run and clear my head (go ahead and groan) I listen to that song to get me through the tough parts. It’s referencing a passage of scripture that gets me pumped up for a run, but really isn’t speaking about physical exercise at all.
1 Corinthians 9:24: Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

This brings up so many questions for me, most of which I have no answer for… comment if you have some light to shed.

• When I run up a steep hill my head looks like its going to explode and my chest is pumping like a heart attack. What about my life shows I am following Christ with such effort? Or is my faith lived out more like a comfy lounge on the sofa?
• When joining a race or setting an athletic goal you run a big risk; you could fail, get injured or just look like a fool. Am I afraid of the consequences of living a life wholly set with my eye set on Christ alone? Hmm…maybe people won’t “like” me on facebook?
• Are Christians today too comfortable in our quiet religious private lives? Does our religious freedom deaden the knowledge that THIS is the race of our lives- and our friends and neighbors lives depend on our pressing on with everything we’ve got.
• I like to avoid conflict and touchy subjects of conversation at all costs. Is avoiding emotional & spiritual strain doing to me just what my couch potato years did?
• Is intentionally starting a “routine” to strengthen my spirit a part of being in this race-called-life. If I should “run in such a way as to get the prize” shouldn’t I train??

There you go. All questions and no answers.

What’s next for me? My dear friend Elaine dropped a bread-box full of bible verses to memorize at my office today. I’m going to take it as a big suggestion from God that I should start there. Maybe it’s like running; after you can do one, you want to do two. Now that sounds like crazy talk to me, but it can’t hurt to try!


Hey, I’m Stef. I am a girl who began really loving Christ as a bright-eyed teen, and somehow this whole “serious adult life” has sprung up around me. I find myself striving to stay connected to the passionate dreamer I once was, the one who truly believes God has great, GREAT plans in store. It’s sometimes tough when your career has requirements such as; policing potty words, being the gatekeeper of the wii, and interpreting the speech of a chronically sobbing 2-yr old. Yet, in the beauty of the mundane I do see His great plans, and I know He is using me to change the world.


Thank you for sharing this. It's funny, I was actually putting a diet together from the bible. I'm very interested in becoming an ex couch potato

Lovely read ! I too have been a couch potato physically and spiritually from time to time. What a great analogy ! Keep running the race for Christ!!!!

Thank you God for Steph! Living the life as a true follower of Christ is like running up that steep hill at times...yet we are to "take a big breath" and REST IN HIM! Letting go of what the world thinks is big part. Thank you for your inspiration! One step at a time and YES GOD has way bigger plans/a way bigger race for us!


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