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Hi, I'm Kaylyn. After 4 years of "training" on how to serve in ministry, I'm living it out day-to-day within my family and community. But, I'm still learning what it means to serve and not be served. I love my baby ladies and my husband more than I thought I could, and am thankful for the uncompromising love Christ has for me.

"Freedom"- a word I've been dwelling on lately. In conversations (mostly with other women), there seems to be an unspoken sense of restrictions we place on ourselves or we think others place on us. Why is this? Why do we feel the need to accomplish everything right away? To have all the housework done by dinnertime? To have our families looking happy every time we walk outside of the walls of our homes?

That is not the life Christ has called us to (regardless of the "season" of life we're in). Christ has called us to live into the person He created us, and sees us, to be. How do we know what this current life should look like? Seek Him. Ask Him. Trust Him. Yes, we are to do things well and with a joyful heart, but what if we're holding ourselves up to an "ideal" we're not called to in this moment of time?

Let me say, trusting God knows what is best for me and allowing my own ideals fall to the wayside is the best way I have been able to experience Christ's freedom in my own life. Christ called me to be a woman who loves and serves genuinely in the ways He's created me to do so. Not a woman who should be expected to do EVERYTHING I could be doing, all the time.

Yes, life changes, kids grow-up, we have more/less time than we did a year ago, we move, we lose friends and family. God knows all that, and calls us to each moment. How is God speaking to you in this moment? Take time to listen and experience the freedom He has for you.


The people in my house are infinitely more important than the things in my house.

My kids were perfectly happy playing in the mud with old rags and rocks. Now that they are older, if they want the "things" they buy them, find them or build them.

The "ideal woman" IS attainable at every moment of life, it is what God has called you to.

This is something God has been helping me realize and change in the last year as well. Thanks for sharing Kaylyn! Good reminder!

Kaylyn, I couldn't agree with you more. A wise woman once told me that every need is not necessarily a call. I still frequently have to run to the Lord to "get permission" to say no, when I know it is the right thing to do! How wonderful to watch you young people lean into the Lord, listen, and find the freedom of not saying yes to every demand.

Kaylyn..this is so true and a beautiful reminder we arr not expected to do it quiet ourselves and listen. THANK YOU for taking the time from your full life to write and share!

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