God and His Appointments


As I was going about my work a couple of weeks back I was calling on Architects in the Worcester area. There was one in the North Works building on Grove Street. Just for some back ground, I have lived in the area (Auburn) most of my life. I know where Grove Street is, I have been there, and drove by hundreds of times.

On this day I was for some reason unable to remember where Grove Street was. I was becoming very frustrated when like a light bulb I remembered. I went to the call, and on the way out I ran into a gentleman who said that he was looking forward to making more money. I asked what he would do when got enough. He said he did not know. We talked some more then I found out he was in a car accident and was in a comma for months.

He then asked me why he did not die. I asked him if he knew Jesus. he said he heard of him. I then said that maybe he was spared so that he could give his life to Christ instead of going to hell. I then went over with him what Jesus did to secure our salvation, and then I asked him if he wanted to ask Jesus into his life. He was not ready but he said that he would read the book of John. I prayed with him then we parted ways. I then realized that God had a reason for delaying me.

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