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Yesterday we covered the first half of the book of Exodus. We focused on the story of Moses, the significance of the plagues and the reason Passover became the most important festival for the nation of Israel. It was great to hear from the students in the beginning of the service and also at the end during the Q&A time. We love our students and we want to make sure their voices are heard and their questions are answered.

Afterwards, I had a few people request to see again the slide I showed during the sermon about the plagues b/c they didn't have time to copy it. No problemo! I've included that slide for you guys below (by the way, don't ever hesitate to ask me to send you the slide show - I'm always happy to send it along. Plus, that way you don't have to pressure yourself to write down all the info on Sunday - you can just listen and then later study the slides for yourself! Just email me at mpenza@holdenchapel.org and I'll be happy to send that along!).  

Exodus Plagues jpegs

This list comes verbatim from page 85 of John Walton's book, Chronological and Background Charts of the Old Testament. It shows how much of the Exodus story can be seen as a confrontation between YAHWEH God and all other false gods - and YAHWEH God wins! With every miracle, the false gods were shown to be powerless and YAHWEH God was shown to be true. And remember, all of this was not just so YAHWEH could show off... but God did all of this so that the nations would know who He is. Exodus is all about having a personal relationship with God. 

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I really appreciated this information. We grow up hearing about what the plagues were, but never really known that there was specific intent behind them. It's easy to come away with the thought that they were just used to break Pharoah and show God's power, but to look at them from this perspective allows us to see God being purposeful in each step to not just free his people, but to define himself for ALL peoples present and future as God over ALL!

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