God's Not Dead...He's Alive in Us!




A little bit about me: I am Kaitlyn. I love singing I love writing which is why I am here. I hope what I write shows just how much God can make a difference in your life. 


I recently just saw the new movie God's Not Dead featuring the Newsboys. I am not going to give spoilers. I promise, but this movie made me realize what a difference God has really made in my life. I thought to myself after seeing that movie " If I had seen that movie any earlier than when I did.. I would not have seen the biggest parts that God really wanted me to see. It was a movie that out of all my favorite movies will always be my number one favorite movie.

The biggest question I thought of throughout that movie is "How do I make God come out of me. How do I share this the best way, the way that God wants me to share his love?" I know that if you believe in all your heart that God is in you then you can stand up for him in any situation. And in this movie I saw that a kid in college and was battling satan in the fight of sharing God's love and not letting anyone stop him. He proved to a lot of people that God is truly what we as Christians know he is.

I know in my heart that God is not Dead. He is ALIVE in ME! HE is ALIVE in you if you choose to let him. If you chose to be one of those people out of the infinity of people He loves to stand with him and be one of his own. This may have put a way for you to watch the movie in a perspective that I did or God may just show you the perspective he wants you to see it. That's what he did for me!


You go girl! Happy you are our sister in Christ. You are living out your Romans 1:16 faith.

Kaitlyn, nice blog post! It is great to see your heart for Jesus! I think you are going to like my Easter sermon, it will confirm your point, "He is alive in ME!"
Happy Easter Weekend!

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