Lessons From Answered Prayers


During this past week, an amazing answer to prayer was witnessed as Dr. Rick Sacra was declared free of the deadly Ebola disease he contracted in Liberia and returned home. Many have seen and followed his story on the news but it is so near and dear to our church family. We hung on every email, picture, update and prayer request we were given. A group of friends and I were constantly updating each other with milestones. My kids faithfully prayed for him each day. Even at their young age, my husband and I were able to share with our children Dr. Sacra’s special gifts of love, sacrifice, faith, assurance of salvation, and peace. Through this process our family is unravelling what it means to serve others.

Teaching young children (and remembering myself) that the only motive God rewards is the desire to please Him, is not always easy. Kids love attention, they love praise, everyone does. But God specifically states that we should do things not for human approval but only to please God, where no one sees but God alone. (Matt 6:2-6) These givers and doers for Christ’s glory are rarely on the hourly news, because their lives are not for show but for service. The author of the book Love Does writes about “secretly amazing” people and Dr. Sacra and is certainly one of these people! He faithfully seizes opportunities to defer the light off himself and onto the mission in Liberia and those in need...and specifically how Americans can help.

Wow. I feel inspired to examine the motives and humility of my actions. I want my children to witness that serving others in need is part of a true Christian life. There is joy and fun in being “secretly amazing” and how can I teach them that? What gifts do we have to share? I’m praying for the opportunity. Praying that God will refine me and I will have such a loving faith in Him that I will be conscious of God and others around me. My motives will be to receive satisfaction from God alone, as my relationship with the Lord grows stronger.

Praise God for His healing, faithfulness, love and promises.


 Hi, I'm Kristin. I am a Wife, busy Mom, Friend, Volunteer, Daughter, and Sibling that is striving daily to keep Christ at the center of it all. I fall short each day, but by the grace of God I always have new opportunities to grow and strengthen my relationship with Him. This was my latest opportunity!

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Kristin, thank you for your blog. You said it so well. Praise God for the secretly amazing people all around us!

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