Let Him Who Has Ears


 Hey, I’m Stef. I am a girl who began really loving Christ as a bright-eyed teen, and somehow this whole “serious adult life” has sprung up around me. I find myself striving to stay connected to the passionate dreamer I once was, the one who truly believes God has great, GREAT plans in store. It’s sometimes tough when your career has requirements such as; policing potty words, being the gatekeeper of the wii, and interpreting the speech of a chronically sobbing 2-yr old. Yet, in the beauty of the mundane I do see His great plans, and I know He is using me to change the world.

Sometimes I think something traumatically injured my brain when I wasn’t looking. Then, other times, someone will be talking to me and I wonder if maybe THEY recently suffered a blow to the head. In fact, there is this one person (who I dearly love) who speaks….and all I hear are random words clumped together in a nonsensical jumble. I try to follow along…but most of the time, I just don’t get it.

I recently finished reading Matthew, and some of Jesus’ parables left me feeling the same way. Am I dumb? What did my Mom waste all that money on Christian high school & college for? Birds eating seeds that fell on the path are like Satan coming and snatching away the gospel? Huh? What did you just say? Some guests have the wrong clothes (for a party they weren’t invited to in the first place) so the king hogties them and throws them out into the dark…where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth Yikes.

No answers here, I didn’t have the time to google the explanation so I could look smart. Next time I will be sure to do that.

Despite my brain fog, this past month I DID experience first-hand just why Jesus taught in parables. One night, sick to death of reading “Dr. DeSoto” to my kids, I decided to tell them the parable of the Unmerciful Servant in my own words. Great idea, they ate it right up and wanted another one.

But before I could start, I heard sobbing from the top bunk. My 7 year old son looked at me with tears in his eyes and anguish on his face. “Mom! My heart feels SO sad! I haven’t been forgiving so many times!” (Sort of conjured up the aforementioned wailing & gnashing) “Jack was treating me like wood and I STILL haven’t forgiven him!!!!” (How does someone treat another person like wood?) I admit to a momentary smile at his reaction, but the story broke open my closed mouthed boy and led him to share real raw emotion with me. I will treasure the conversation that followed always.

There is something about a story that cuts through our apathy, and makes truth so much sharper. And children, with their tender hearts and brilliant imaginations, are so eager to understand. Aren’t we to be more like them?

So much of the gospels are dedicated to Jesus’ parables, let us take the time to face our confusion and seek to understand. I know that is what’s next for me.

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