Moses, Manna and Myself

I have been studying the life of Moses at my Bible study this year, for the second time. Eight years ago I was fascinated by Moses and his calling and so many details of his story that I never knew before. This year God is showing me how important it is to take in God’s word daily. Let me share with you just two ways I got this:

1) The book of Exodus is all about Moses and his relationship with God, the Israelites' oppression, ten commandments, the tabernacle, and journey to the promised land (in a nutshell)! I was in Ex 16 where the Israelites have complained again, about their food situation, and the Lord responds by providing for them manna, FOR 40 days! This flake like “bread from heaven” appeared fresh and new each morning, except Sunday. They were to eat it and be sustained. It would spoil after one day except Saturday when they gathered double for Sunday.

Some people did not obey and either gathered more than they were told or tried to keep it till the next day. In this story I saw God, our Father, teaching his children to take what he gives us each day and we need nothing more to sustain our souls. As soon as we try to ignore God's instructions, we are apart from his will. Taking in God’s word changes us and turns grumbling into gratitude! My heart attitude is so different on the days when I have taken it in new each morning.


2) Another reminder for me later in Exodus, the Lord is instructing the building of the tabernacle and in ch 30, specifically the Altar of Incense. Vs. 7 talks about burning fragrant incense on the altar every morning, and then again at “twilight so incense will burn REGULARLY before the Lord for the generations to come.” Rev 5:8 and 8:3 have angels with bowls of incense which are the prayers of the saints. I saw how I should be applying this to my prayer life and worship of God.

I love how despite doing this study 8 years ago, it is new and different this time. God is making this theme clear to me because this is how God is refining me right now. The manna fell from heaven to the ground but the people still had to gather it, just as we have God’s Word, but we have to study it…daily. Spiritually we would starve with out it. My body is a tabernacle where the Holy Spirit resides, I better be careful how I furnish it. Whatever fills me, controls me. I need to reach out to God each and every day and let Him dwell in me. A challenge God is giving me and I hope you are encouraged to not just take in God’s word, but do it daily.

KMulroyHi, I'm Kristin. I am a Wife, busy Mom, Friend, Volunteer, Daughter, and Sibling that is striving daily to keep Christ at the center of it all. I fall short each day, but by the grace of God I always have new opportunities to grow and strengthen my relationship with Him. This was my latest opportunity!

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