“I am like an owl in the desert, like a little owl in the far off wilderness.” – Psalms 102:6

When I read this verse, it made me feel small, like I was this little owl that seemed to be lost. This verse humbled me and made me feel a little happy as well because in God’s eyes, each one of us are like that little owl in the far off wilderness. Lost. Maybe even a little scared. But when God finds us and takes us under His mighty wings, and brings us back into the nest with the other little owls around us, it’s like he’s bringing us back from being lost.


Bringing us back from the “far off wilderness” of life, where you can become lost, and definitely feel small. This verse makes me happy because I know that God is protecting me from the evil of this world, and that he loves me, and cares for me, like a mother owl would care for her owlet. This verse also reminds me of Luke 12:24, where it talks about how we need not worry, and how God even cares for the ravens, making sure that they have enough to eat. Just like that, the little owl in this verse represents our worry. The owl is lost, so the logical answer would be to find it, and help it; but not all little owls are as lost as they seem. For even as God takes care of the ravens, he also will take care of this little owl in the far off wilderness. Just like he will take care of you and me.



My name is Emily-Rose Pappas. I am 15 years old and am homeschooled. I love drawing and reading and spending time with friends and family.


Very well written girl, I love this, thanks for the new view point. Owls are so cute XD But I agree. We are just like that. Very well put together.

Great insight!!! Wonderfully written

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