Reality and Feelings

This past Sunday I had one of the worst mornings I could have ever had. It just kept getting worse and worse all the way to church. Finally once I got to church I really prayed about it, and felt God there for me and then I realized... The thing that happened was so tiny and the amount of pain I was feeling was for me to give to God.

I then realized that I have a really good church body around me now. I have amazing friends and that one tiny loss was nothing compared to what I already had. Of course the loss was a horrible feeling but it was nothing compared to what I have. I'm learning that balancing reality and your feelings is really hard to do.

I'm trying to see everyday the love of God no matter what is going wrong. There is always good to find in the bad. The balance between reality and feelings is important because you can easily have your feelings take over your life. I know what that's like and it's very hard to change it.

This Sunday it just really helped me to realize that no matter what goes wrong I have amazing people, friends and family around me and that God is always there. No matter if they are there or miles away their prayers always help and affect things, I have seen it happen. And finally turning 16 i realized that there is more good reality around my feelings. And Sunday morning I had to remember that I had great people around me and people who can help me and help me see that God is doing great things for me. And everything that is going on... God is there through it all.

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A little bit about me: I am Kaitlyn. I love singing. I love writing (Which is why I am here). I hope what I write shows just how much God can make a difference in your life.


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