The Beginning


When we first open up the Bible, we are brought into a picture of the world that we’ve never experienced: The beginning of time. Perhaps thinking about the beginning of Genesis will allow us to experience anticipation with what God will do with this world He has created. This is how we should enter into the season of Advent - the four Sundays before Christmas: With anticipation and excitement!

Our God is a creative God and is glorified when we use our gifts to bring attention to Him and what He’s done in our lives (and throughout all of history for that matter). I recently saw a video of modern day caroling. My initial reaction to the people caroling was, “How are these mall goers going to respond?” But, as I continued to watch the video, I was in more awe than what I thought I would be. The carolers were singing praises to God, and the mall goers were joining in. What?! But why should I be surprised? Our God is a BIG God and is worthy of praise. But so often I put myself in a tiny bubble thinking my gifts are not good enough, not creative enough, not outgoing enough to be put to God’s use. This is the opposite of how God views me (and all of His people). He created us in HIS image, to be a light to the nations, to be the aroma of Christ among those who are perishing. How can I not anticipate God using my gifts for great things?!

Just as we anticipate the birth of Jesus Christ this advent, anticipate and be excited for how God can use you and your big, or small, ideas of bringing glory to Him. If he used a baby, I’m sure he can use us.


kaylyn soloHi, I'm Kaylyn. After 4 years of "training" on how to serve in ministry, I'm living it out day-to-day within my family and community. But, I'm still learning what it means to serve and not be served. I love my baby ladies and my husband more than I thought I could, and am thankful for the uncompromising love Christ has for me.

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Kaylyn, this is so right on. I pray that those who read this will ask with our Heavenly Father how He would use each of us this Christmas season and going through to the New Year. Here is a funny story but soo true, Last Sunday I was setting up the HC Cafe' and was trying to balance a few things in my hands, one of the things was a stack of cups. I decided to use my chin and just as I did someone came around the corner and asked if I needed some help. At this point I had good balance so, I did decline but as I walked away smiling I was grateful that someone extended a hand and realized that even our chin is important to get some of His work done. Oh how I giggled knowing he showed me this very valuable lesson. Knowing there are many people out there who think they can't because of different reasons. It is my hope that they would get in the presence of God and just be WILLING, He WILL show each of us personally. If we only go to Him and ASK.
Blessings my friend!

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