The Great Samaritan in 3-D

This past Monday our young adult Bible study went over Luke 10:25-37. We read the passage, did a bit of research into why it was and is so radical and then we prayed together. We said a lot of things, but we were all struck by the counter-cultural-ness of it. In an age where we are so careful before we help others for fear of a lawsuit or a misunderstanding - God's message is quite a bit different. There is definitely a reason this story has stood the test of time. 

I also just learned that the women's Bible study was also having a discussion on this same passage just yesterday. So some have been requesting to see the study that we went through. So here it is! It's 4 pages long but stick with it to the end. Hopefully it'll lead you into seeing the story in its full beauty. The good samaritan is the type of movie to be seen in full color, even in 3-D, because the graphics are that good! 

The Good Samaritan

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