There you are God...I see you!



 Hi, I'm Kristin. I am a wife, busy Mom, Friend, Volunteer, Daughter, and Sibling that is striving daily to keep Christ at the center of it all. I fall short each day, but by the grace of God I always have new opportunities to grow and strengthen my relationship with Him. Here is my latest opportunity: 

 I have been a Christian as far back as I can remember, and my relationship with Jesus has had peaks and valleys. But after having children, it all seemed to change. I wanted and needed Jesus more than I ever had. I knew I needed to set an example. I have attended a weekly Bible study for 11 years which has forced me into God's Word. But every time we take a winter/summer break, I am left floundering with no guidance or discipline to "stay in the Word." I am not reminded to pray as often. I am not constantly reviewing my prayer list. I am not opening my Bible daily. I am complaining more. My mind drifts towards the worldly. What fruits of the spirit I have, dwindle. How can I make this an opportunity instead of a disaster that spoils the growth and love that I have worked so hard for? 

I heard someone say to look for God in unexpected places and He will touch your heart and move the Spirit inside you. What does this mean? I began to search for God... and there He was! Springtime is a canvas for God's beauty, creativity and love. As the seasons change, it is easy to see God's great work around us, so I began to make a deliverate acknowledgement of God and His love for me. I had found Him in the beauty of the Holden Reservoir, the smell of honeysuckle that has been in the yard for years, the clouds as they danced across the sky.

I nodded my head as I noticed the bank tellers' name was "Titus," a book from the New Testament. I felt a wave of thankfulness as I was equiped with an extra measure of patience with my children. I noticed the billboard on 290 reading, "Has the Truth set you free?" I discussed with my kids how unbelievable it is that each bird sings a different song. I see symbols representing Jesus on peoples' cars. 

These are just a few moments that I "saw" God. There He was! Funny, I haven't noticed Him before, like this, until now. I have seen a beautiful blue sky and felt the glorious sun a million times, but today I whisper, "Thank you for revealing yourself in this way." God shows up in the everyday, the ordinary, the strangest and unsuspecting places, but you have to be looking for Him. While I am busy looking for Him, I am not complaining, irritated, cranky, discouraged, anxious or overwhelmed. I am at peace because my thoughts are focused on Jesus... and that reminds me to pray. 

Look around, God is everywhere and He wants you to find Him! 

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Love your honesty and the way you spoke about finding Him everywhere... I asked too one day, and He spoke to me a similar way. I love how He loves us.

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