True Friendships


What is a true friend? A true friend is someone who sticks by you no matter what, supports you and genuinely cares about you and your well being. Recently I have seen that some people in life are only out for their own benefits, when it comes to a friendship and it stinks. The will say “hi” and “how ya doing?” and “what’s up” and “you are such a great friend.” Anyone can say those things, but do they really care?

I’ve seen people say these things, but their actions do not prove it as such. Actions speak louder than words and it is only shown through a true friend. I have a friend who really cares about me, we hang out a lot, he invites me to do things with him and he is very helpful and supportive. That is the sign of true friend. And I do everything in my power to do the same.

A friendship is reciprocal. It goes both ways. People these days should live by those values when it comes to friendship, because it would extract any painful feelings and emotions that a fake friend or an acquaintance may cause, which it may not even be intentional. I believe friendship is the greatest thing God created and people should act in the way God intended them to act. A true friend is the best thing in the world more than some people know.

“A true friend knows
Your weaknesses, but
Shows your strengths;
Feels your fears, but
Fortifies your faith;
Sees your anxieties, but
Frees your spirit;
Recognizes your disabilities; but
Emphasizes your possibilities.”

By Nick Ford Nick Ford

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