Tweets and I - Reflections on Genesis 1 (from Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014)

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Whew, what a beginning! Yesterday we started our journey in Genesis 1 by answering the question, "Where is God?" We found out according to Genesis 1, God made the earth His home. So God is HERE! We also were reminded that God is completely in control which means we can "cast all our burdens on Him, for God cares for us." We had a lot of twitter action and I wasn't able to get to all of the tweets in our Q&A time. So below are some of your tweets and my responses to them. Let's keep the dialogue going...

@AlexVashugin: "Do you think God has a God?" 

Nope! And even more radical - not only does God NOT have a God, but we find out in Scripture that God is the ONLY true God. God doesn't have any Gods over Him, or even under Him. He alone takes the cake, and the title. 

@Shayganfar: "Why do think God should rule" 

I addressed this one. Let me know if you want follow up or if you weren't satisfied. Essentially, I'd rather have God ruling this earth than anyone else, especially me. 

@BrucesDad13 "Is God not only the Producer but also the Stage?" 

Although I had never thought about this analogy before, my answer was "probably not" since creation itself is not God yet creation IS under the authority of God and is being directed by Him. Monotheism must never slip into pantheism - and I think this analogy (although aesthetically pleasing) may get us unintentionally closer to heresy than we would like. But I'm still thinking about it... 

@lovethehorse11: "Cast all your cares on Him." Now I'm thinking of footprints in the sand! 

Great picture - I wish I would have thought of that myself. 

@AllFoto01: In scripture Eden isn't only where the first humans lived it's also the metaphorical representation of the Garden of God; Ez 28:13

Wow, good catch. That passage is beautiful - did you notice how it pictures Adam dressed in bejeweled clothing like a priest (Ezekiel 28:13)? HMMMM! This corresponds well to the reference only five verses later to Eden as a holy sanctuary (Ezek 28:18). This "Garden of God" is an ideal sort of temple (if you want to see it in ALL its glory, you gotta go to the last 2 chapters of Revelation). I also think of Ezekiel 11:16b which says that God was a sanctuary for them (speaking of the Israelites not only in the beginning, but this time as they were in exile). We should not be surprised then that Ezekiel 47: 1-12 portrays the water flowing from the temple as causing widespread fertility and health. After all, "In Him was life, and that life was the light of man" (John 1). In the Ancient Near Eastern cultures, temples were often times garden-like. This theme of "Temple" is not only one of the main letters in the Old Testament (it is the "T" in CASKET) but it will run through the entire Bible. It goes from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. MMMM you are on to something good here. We'll get more into this as the year goes on. 

@kait_loader: Faith keeps us safe. We can rest in peace because with our faith in God we can relax and not worry about being hurt. Right?

Preach it sister! Because God is with us, we are eternally safe. This is SHALOM. Perfect love and grace and acceptance in Christ. Because you have a relationship with Jesus - you will have that with Him for forever - no one or no thing could EVER take that away. Don't ever forget that, especially when life feels hard. God is always walking with you. 

@lovethehorse11: I wonder what god did before he decided to create the world and us... Hmmm

You should keep wondering about that. As I said in the service - perhaps John 1:1 is giving us a clue, but maybe not (?). The Bible doesn't tell us for sure! Here is a question that comes up in philosophy circles - the idea of multiple universes - could it be that God had made other worlds before He made ours? I won't tell you what I think besides to say that it is a fun discussion nonetheless. 

@lovethehorse11: Is rest in the Bible like peace? It sounds like it. 

Boom! You are killin it. Yes. In Scripture, rest is NOT about being bored. Rest in Scripture is talking about taking ownership of your life and being able to focus on what is important - especially God. 

@y_scully152: Should the day of rest be Sunday or Saturday? 

Great question! Are you talking about a pastor, or about someone who isn't a pastor? ;) I think it all depends. Some other religious traditions will have services on Saturday, and even some Christian churches will "do church" on Saturday especially if they are a big congregation and have to have multiple services. Either way, we shouldn't be legalistic about it. Initially, for the Israelites it was probably Saturday. For many Christians, it is now Sunday. For me, my sabbath day is Friday since Sunday is a work-day for me. The idea of sabbath is primarily about picking one day out of the week (whichever one works best) to give to God. For most members of Holden Chapel, it makes sense to have Sabbath on a Sunday. But there are always anomolies and good reasons for having a sabbath on a different day. Sabbath is a commandment FOR us and FOR our benefit. So there is a sense of freedom in the command and in how we follow it. 

@Kait_Loader: I wonder this. why did u pick this topic? what brought you to it? seems interesting.

Long story. But, Pastor Tom and I have been thinking about all of this since the Summer. We noticed that a lot of people aren't as confident as they could be in understanding how ALL of the Bible works together - so we've been praying about how we can address this issue. So Genesis 1 is the beginning of us trying to figure out together how ALL of Scripture applies to ALL of life. I hope you make more and more connections as we go through this series. 

Some of the quotes or comments from Sunday that others tweeted: 

@pian0dude: Rest for the deity means engagement w/o obstacles NOT disengagement without responsibilities.

@pian0dude: Role of Deity, Shape of cosmos and Divine conflict. These were the focus of ancient writings. 

@pian0dude: "There is a King, and that King is NOT ME." 

@AllFoto01: Very cool concept of #rest

@jupeto130: excited to be on this journey through God's Word!

@jupeto130: Boy! If you're bored when the Packers lose, you must spend an awful lot of time being bored, bored, bored! Go Pats! 


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