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Psalm 8 Hebrew

I am just astounded by the fact that God made us in HIS image. It was a blessing for me to think about this topic last week as I was preparing the Sunday message on Genesis 2. It was also cool for me to see how people responded to it. Whereas after the sermon on Genesis 1 we had a lot of questions from Twitter - after Genesis 2 were a lot of reflections and responses. In a special way, people began to immediately internalize the truths of what it means to be made in the image of God. Not only that, but people were applying it to their lives right away. So more than anything else, people were putting the words of Scripture into action. Ya'll were using Scripture as a mirror to see yourself, others, and the world. It doesn't get much better than that. I have to say, I was absolutely delighted by the response. Some of the tweets were as follows: 

@Artgirl3Monique: I kept thinking of Psalms 139... How God loves us, formed us, (He is more detailed) and how he even is more over board

@pian0dude Those who struggle with depression or self esteem, God views you as beautiful and made in His image! ALSO We need to view ourselves differently when we look in the mirror knowing we are created in God's image. ALSO Individuality and isolation is not God's vision for us!

@AllFoto01 Our love for our children, birthed, adopted, or otherwise is in no way comparable to God's love for us...what a thought... ALSO our responsibilities flow from our value not our value from our Awesome! ALSO Loving the concept of God-esteem, our value simply as His creation and more as we're blessed with the opportunity to reflect Him.

@kpslp: making more sense to me that God sent His son-a man-to show us how much He loves us. We are image bearers, Christ is THE image

Wow! Amen to all-a-that. @JimGillon68 did ask an awesome question that I wasn't able to get to on Sunday... He asked, "@PastorPenza Does us being made in His "image and likeness" solely refer to the physical? Or does it mean more than that?" Absolutely! God's love goes much, much deeper. In fact, biology is really only the starting point. Although the love a parent has for their children is one of the deepest loves we know of - this still doesn't begin to describe the way God loves us. Although I'd like to say more, I would love to hear how others would answer this question! Any takers? 

Because of time limitations, I wasn't able to discuss Psalm 8 which was one of our readings for last week. As it just so happens, I wrote a 25 page paper on that passage while I was in grad school. Of course, I realize no one (in their right mind) wants to read a 25 page paper. So I've taken out the uber-technical stuff and included the sections on "Function," "New Testament Usage," "Conclusion," and "Meaning for Today." Feel free to check it out...I hope it helps you to understand Psalm 8 in a deeper way (The picture above is a collage of all the words of Psalm 8 in Hebrew). 

The Big Picture of Psalm 8 (5 pages)


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