Your Responses to the Joseph Story

Below were your responses from Twitter as I was preaching on Sunday, including the pics you tweeted! Nothing needs to be added by me. I love how you all pick out stuff I never even noticed... you are such a fun congregation to preach to. I hope you enjoy seeing all the tweets together like this, I know I did! 

The following tweets (many of which were "favorited" by others) come from @AllFoto01, @s7seraphim, @jupeto130, @pian0dude, and @Horse_Crazy_Kat. If I were you, I'd read this blog, then go and make sure I was following them on Twitter... just a thought :) 

  • @PastorPenza preaching on Joseph or "J-Money" yes he just said that. LOL. #hcpreach
  • As a worship leader, hearing the sound of my church family worshipping God is such a blessing. Hearts connected to God, glorious #hcpreach
  • @PastorPenza hey! Your shirt matches Joseph's coat!!!! #awesomeness #hcpreach
  • From Steve Sigel..."Not your average Joe" @PastorPenza #hcpreach
  • @PastorPenza doesn't Joseph take a hint? If his brothers didn't like the first dream why would he tell them the second? #hcpreach #clueless
  • #hcpreach 20 shekels = 8 ounces of silver #thatsnotmuch
  • @PastorPenza didn't the brothers feel guilty seeing their dad like that?! #hcpreach
  • #hcpreach there is almost a pattern to Joseph's story. Test reward test reward. @PastorPenza
  • #hcpreach God blesses despite the circumstances...even while in prison #j-money ;) was blessed we should pay attention more #GodsBlessings
  • #hcpreach #braveorcrazy Joseph as his forefathers (Noah, Abraham) spoke/acted out in God's name despite the trappings of social expectations
  • #hcpreach whoa J-money's got gold chains and limos now! :) #swag #awesomeness lolzzz :)
  • My son is interested in the story of Joseph #hcpreach @PastorPenza


  • #hcpreach God always leaves #remnants
  • #HCPREACH crazy to see timing of all events of Joseph's brothers going to his father & Egypt. We lose patience with delayed answers from God
  • God is consistent. He is about redeeming the world with the good news of His grace and mercy and love #hcpreach
  • #hcpreach Romans 8:28 & Genesis 50:20 not eerily similar but wonderfully God #lovethewovenWord
  • God will not delay. We need to remember that He operates in a different economy than we do. Be patient in the Lord. #hcpreach
  • #HCPREACH I wonder how Joseph felt seeing Benjamin for first time in Egypt after not being with family at Benjamin's birth
  • #hcpreach awesome costume change! ;) 
  • #hcpreach ya @PastorPenza you rock that new #WhiteRobe


  • Lord when I feel like I can't handle it anymore, helpt me to trust that You will sustain me. Help me simply to surrender. #hcpreach
  • Suffering is often a privilege because it achieves for the world something much more glorious. #hcpreach
  • #HCPREACH Joseph's coat of many colors. White light through a prism makes rainbow (colors). God replaced Joseph's coat with white light robe. 
  • #hcpreach we need to help each other and choose to KEEP the divine perspective in the midst of our trials - God IS STILL at work! 
  • You know better than I! #hcpreach
  • #hcpreach Thank you, Lord, "You know better than I"
  • #HCPREACH @PastorPenza thank you for obedience. Has definetely been challenging week. #Perseverance helps keep perspective God is bigger. 
  • @Horse_Crazy_Kat @PastorPenza #hcpreach younger siblings are BORN for that #they neverlearn #alwaystryingtofitin




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