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This is where we talk about whatever is on our minds at the time. Enjoy, and please talk back! 


These Books Will Help You Read the Old Testament Confidently

Let's be honest. Some of us are too intimidated to read the Old Testament. It's long. It's old. It's confusing. It's written to other people from ancient cultures. It's just so different. We wonder, "what's the point of it all?" But at the same time the Old Testament is also full of amazing stories, inspiring truths, and accounts for the majority of our Holy Scriptures....

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Should I be seeking a second filling of the Spirit even after conversion?

Answer: We should always be seeking more of the Holy Spirit because without the Holy Spirit we cannot be saved and without the Holy Spirit we cannot be sanctified. My Biblical rationale is the following: 1) We need the Holy Spirit for Conversion: Scripture makes it clear that no one can exist or be saved apart from the work of the Holy Spirit. As Acts 17:28states, "In Hi...

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11 (Because 10 isn't enough) Mother's Day Gift Ideas (BOOKS!)

Mother's Day is coming up! Besides the flowers, chocolate, meals and massages, you could also get her a good book. In fact, if you order today from Amazon Prime, you'll get it before Sunday. Here are a few books (links are to Amazon) I recommend, in no particular order. You can't go wrong with any of these: ESV Illuminated Bible, Art Journaling Edition. Refresh: Embrac...

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Strengthening Your Family Relationships by Organizing Your Technology

As Christians, we can rightfully view technology as a gift or tool from God to use for God's glory and our good. Technology is great because it can help us bond with the people we love; it can be utilized to start meaningful conversations, and it can help us cultivate awe for God's beauty in the world. While technology is both a gift and a tool, we know it can also over...

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What About Philippians 1:15-18 As it Relates to "Tricky Teachers"?

On the last week of our "Tricky Teachers" Sermon Series we opened it up to the congregation for QA. We ended up spending almost all of our time together just talking with one another. Asking questions to each other and clarifying difficult passages. What a privilege to be a part of a Church where our questions can be asked! One question that was asked which required fur...

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Follow-Up Resources from "Tricky Teaching" Sermon Series

Tricky Teaching Sermon Icon

In this blog post we are including our power point slides from our "Tricky Teaching" Sermon Series, follow-up articles and resources, and some of the main criteria to use for discerning tricky teaching. Enjoy! From "Tricky Teaching" Series titled, "Tricky Preaching" by Pastor Tom. Preached on September 24th, 2017: For Sermon Slideshow, Click Here10 Characteristics of ...

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1 Peter: A Video Overview

Check this out: An 8 minute artistic explanation of the book of 1 Peter. Helpful if you are looking to gain a "big-picture" understanding of the book. Read Scripture- 1 Peter And, if you liked that one...There are more! Click on the following link if you'd like to learn more from the creators of this video and see other helpful videos like this one: https://www.youtub...

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Holy Week Devotional Resources

Looking for devotionals, videos or activities to help you experience Holy Week more Biblically this year? Look no further! Below are some links to get you started. We have three separate categories: The first category includes resources for adults, the next set of resources are for families and the last category has a bunch of resources directed towards children. Enjoy! ...

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Pre-Sunday Musings: 5 Ways Your Pastor Should Help You

This upcoming Sunday our sermon will be on the topic of what the church does. Pastor Tom and I will be discussing Doctrines #11 and #13 of our Doctrinal Statement. In thinking about all that God has called us to do as we follow Him, I asked myself: What should all this look like for me practically as one of the Pastors of Holden Chapel? Personally: How can I be helping o...

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How This Pastor Prepares for a New Sermon Series

Happy 2017 Errbody! If you ask me, now is a P.E.R.F.E.C.T time to begin a new sermon series - and that is exactly what we are about to do. This upcoming Sunday, we will be starting a new Winter Sermon Series Titled, "Do Our Beliefs Matter?" In this new series, we will explore together the contents of our doctrinal statement as we try to figure out how our beliefs about ...

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