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Archives for February 2015

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"I am like an owl in the desert, like a little owl in the far off wilderness." Psalms 102:6 When I read this verse, it made me feel small, like I was this little owl that seemed to be lost. This verse humbled me and made me feel a little happy as well because in God's eyes, each one of us are like that little owl in the far off wilderness. Lost. Maybe even a little scare...

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God and His Appointments

As I was going about my work a couple of weeks back I was calling on Architects in the Worcester area. There was one in the North Works building on Grove Street. Just for some back ground, I have lived in the area (Auburn) most of my life. I know where Grove Street is, I have been there, and drove by hundreds of times. On this day I was for some reason unable to remembe...

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