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Good, Better, or New?

I have been hearing a lot of talk lately about people wanting to change their lives. When I was young, the term to use was "good life." Today it is a "better life." The way I understand it, this new term is defined by the following: To have a steady job, friends, car, house, money, party, drink alcohol, do drugs (socially of course) or maybe make money and give many gifts...

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Hope Has Set Us Free!

I have been burdened with the plight of the next generation. I first want to say that the chains that are binding you have been cut by the Blood of Christ Jesus that He shed on the Cross. With this burden on my heart I had a dream or vision. There were two people: One male the other female. They were both bound by chains to a large wall. They appeared to be happy but goin...

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God and His Appointments

As I was going about my work a couple of weeks back I was calling on Architects in the Worcester area. There was one in the North Works building on Grove Street. Just for some back ground, I have lived in the area (Auburn) most of my life. I know where Grove Street is, I have been there, and drove by hundreds of times. On this day I was for some reason unable to remembe...

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