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Hope Has Set Us Free!

I have been burdened with the plight of the next generation. I first want to say that the chains that are binding you have been cut by the Blood of Christ Jesus that He shed on the Cross. With this burden on my heart I had a dream or vision. There were two people: One male the other female. They were both bound by chains to a large wall. They appeared to be happy but goin...

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CAMP BEREA WAS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE! All together we were 15 strong - 9 men and 6 women. What a blast! We loved the worship band (ATTABOY), we learned a lot from the speaker, and we had way too much to do with the time we had - tubing, dominion, paintball, photo contest, basketball, volleyball, bouncy-ball competition, tuggle-war competition, etc. etc. etc. We didn't slee...

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Dad, how do I know that God is real?

While washing dishes last night, my youngest son looked over at me and asked, "Dad, how do I know that God is real?" He went on to explain that lately, with all this talk about Genesis going on at Holden Chapel, he keeps fighting the thought that this might all just be "made up". To be honest, I was not expecting such a deep question from an 11 year old. I was unprepared,...

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