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More Thinking About the Poor

One of my personally favorite parts of last weeks' Sunday worship service (besides youth leading worship and a great sermon!) was the extended QA time we had AFTER the sermon. Together we were able to go over a couple great questions via twitter (#HCPreach) and also hear a few questions live from the congregation. It was really cool to see everyone sharing the resources ...

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March 1st Sermon Follow-Up

In our last sermon of the "GOT PURPOSE?" Series we talked about the four things that get in the way of our GOING towards others with the Gospel. We said that sometimes when we try too hard to PRESENT the Gospel (Instead of naturally talking about it with the people we love) we come off as impersonal, preachy, intolerant or uninformed. Holden Chapel doesn't want to be any...

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Tweets, Snakes, Women and Freedom

Adam Eve. ~3rd Century. Artist Unknown I couldn't believe how many good questions I received after the sermon yesterday on Genesis 3. You all are dialoguing very deeply with Scripture and whenever that happens, good questions come up! Please, keep up the good work! Below are some of the questions that I couldn't get to in our QA time: From Twitter: @DayutisDanielleso...

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Tweets and Info on Psalm 8

I am just astounded by the fact that God made us in HIS image. It was a blessing for me to think about this topic last week as I was preparing the Sunday message on Genesis 2. It was also cool for me to see how people responded to it. Whereas after the sermon on Genesis 1 we had a lot of questions from Twitter - after Genesis 2 were a lot of reflections and responses. In...

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Tweets and I - Reflections on Genesis 1 (from Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014)

Whew, what a beginning! Yesterday we started our journey in Genesis 1 by answering the question, "Where is God?" We found out according to Genesis 1, God made the earth His home. So God is HERE! We also were reminded that God is completely in control which means we can "cast all our burdens on Him, for God cares for us." We had a lot of twitter action and I wasn't able t...

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Blogging at you Tweeters - From Sunday, October 27th, 2013

This past Sunday was the first Sunday we attempted to incorporate Twitter into our worship service. I say attempted b/c for some reason the tweets weren't showing up on my computer. There was some sort of interference. This problem should be fixed soon, sorry everyone. So on Sunday, instead of responding to the tweets I opened up the floor for some QA after the sermon. But...

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