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I wanted to take some time to share some blessings with you. Last night the elders and their wives met for a delicious meal and some sharing and prayer. This happens about once a month and is always a blessing, but last night was especially wonderful and I wanted to share some of it with you.

Often we spend time sharing what is going on in the many ministries and relationships that make up our church body. At times we are very burdened with the heaviness of the struggles our church members share and we get right down to serious intercessory prayer.

Last night, I felt the Lord prompting me to lead us in a little different routine. We were each asked to share a blessing that we have experienced, witnesses or observed in the church over this past month. It was so beautiful I wanted to share it here with you too!

I will list them here so that you can add to the list of things we are thanking our Lord for:

Stephen's Ministers loving our hurting brothers and sister
Youth reaching out and ministering to older people in our church
A group of worshipers going out and singing to patients in our community
Young kids praying out-loud in our Maundy Thursday Communion Service
A 12 year old jumping over the pew to put his arm around an older man in prayer
One of our elders being able to follow-up with a hurting member 4 wks. in a row and witnessing real change during that time because God is answering prayers
A teenage girl becoming prayer partners with one of our prayer leaders
Church members coming in happy, ready and willing to help serve each Sunday AM
Faithful, generous financial giving week after week throughout this year
Young people leading us in worship by playing on our worship teams
More and more new people, and returning past members, joyfully joining us
One member having coffee with another, after years of just rushing out of church
I am sure I have already forgotten some, but you get the picture.
We have been witnessing God at work among His people at Holden Chapel. One person to another, one relationship at a time, disciples are being made here. I believe we are living our mission to glorify Jesus Christ through out Giving, Growing and Going! Praise God!

Have you witnessed any blessings taking place in our church? If so, please comment below and share in the joy and thanksgiving we all share in Jesus Christ.

*Please do not include personal information or names, as we respect privacy very much here.


Pastor Tom

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