Holy Week Devotional Resources


Looking for devotionals, videos or activities to help you experience Holy Week more Biblically this year? Look no further! Below are some links to get you started. We have three separate categories: The first category includes resources for adults, the next set of resources are for families and the last category has a bunch of resources directed towards children. Enjoy! I hope these resources allow you to draw closer to Christ this week: 

For Adults:

  • A List of 7 Palm Sunday Bible Passages, HERE
  • A List of 11 Good Friday Bible Passages, HERE
  • In this Series of 8 videos (about 5 mins each) hosted on the Crossway Blog, a number of New Testament Scholars provide some historical, cultural and theological background of Holy Week. Each video aligns with a different day of the Holy week. 
  • This devotional from the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Faculty can be sent directly to your email each day. Short and uplifting! You can sign up here
  • A 45 minute conversation on video from four scholars from Dallas Theological Seminary on the topic, "Understanding The Passion Week." 

For Families:

  • Family Devotions and Activities for each day of the Holy Week (childrensministry.com), here
  • How to Facilitate a Holy Week Experience at Home using mostly candles, here
  • 26 Family Activities You Could Do Together focused on the Holy Week Events (Includes recommended “further resources” at the end), here

For Children:

  • Holy Week Crafts for Kids, here
  • The Holy Week Story Video Told Through Art, here. You could watch this video with children and discuss which picture stood out most and why. 
  • JellyTelly 5-minute video Devotionals. These videos will walk you through an engaging devotional for children and will help you facilitate meaningful conversation: (Sign-Up for the 7 Day Free Trial and you’ll be all set), here.  

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