Precept Study on 2 Corinthians

Every Thursday until November 16, 2023

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Coordinator:  Wendy Stewart

Precepts on 2 Corinthians image

Thursday, 6:30 pm (Zoom Only) - We are continuing on our 10-week study on 2 Corinthians. Let's face it, life is not easy, are we prepared and equipped for the days ahead? How are we, who names the name of Jesus Christ and holds to the Word of God, going to live? Especially in our relationship to the Lord and to one another. 2 Corinthians is so timely, rich, and practical. Its truths will hold you and strengthen you for whatever is ahead for your life. To join, contact Wendy Stewart at 508-845-9585 or by email at