Frequently Asked Questions


How should I dress for church?
However you'd like! You will find a wide variety of dress at the Chapel – a few wear suits, some wear jeans, most are dressy casual, and casual. It's up to you!

How long is the church service?
Our Worship Service is 90 minutes (10-11:30am). Our Disciple Time (11:30am-12:15pm) is an opportunity for you to talk with our pastors and others over some snacks and respond personally to the message. 

When should I arrive?
We suggest that you arrive by 9:45 AM on your first few visits to the Chapel to give yourself enough time to get comfortable with our facility and so your worship experience is enriching and enjoyable. Children may be checked into nursery at this time as well. 

What is the music like?
Our style of worship is contemporary while the lyrics are projected onto our main screen. Our choir and band members come from different backgrounds and bring together many years of experience, diverse talents and skills.

What children's programs are offered?
Children’s Ministry for infants – fifth grade is available during almost every service. We offer nursery, preschool, and elementary children’s ministry with teaching that is fun, interactive, and inspirational. As well, our family room is located directly off of our Sanctuary's Main Lobby. It is ideal for parents and their infants and young children when kids need a "break". It has a couch, rocking chairs, lots of toys, books, a changing table and infant swing. It also has a private room just for nursing mothers. You can see and hear the Worship Service from this room. 

Are first-time visitors pressured to become members of Holden Chapel? Can I visit with no obligation?
Holden Chapel is a welcoming church community whether you are visiting for the first time or not. You can take advantage of membership and Bible study classes if/when you are ready. There is no obligation or pressure to become a member of the Chapel.

I do not have a church background and have not lived a moral lifestyle. Will I fit in?
Don't worry, none of us are perfect and we aren't trying to pretend that we are! Holden Chapel believes in God’s love for humanity regardless of the past. We believe in God's redemptive power to heal and transform broken lives. We also believe in God’s saving grace. Come as you are! You will meet many men and women like you - who came searching and eventually found a place they now call home.

I'm turned off by organized religion. Why would I want to come to Holden Chapel?
We are not perfect but in every way we can aim to be ambassadors of Christ and His love. The vibrant and loving atmosphere at the Chapel will show you that we are not interested in organized religion, but rather in building relationships and godly character. Our worship is dynamic, the preaching of God’s word is powerful, and the sense of community is real. What is most important to us is the good news of Jesus expressed daily through the lives of members of our congregation.

Is it really necessary to go to church? Why can I not simply pray and meditate on my own?
The vitality of Christianity is experienced in communion with other believers, through meaningful fellowship, vibrant worship and hearing God’s Word preached. We see through the life of the apostles and believers in the early Church that Christianity was never a private matter. Rather, it was and still is a community celebration of God’s love and saving grace. We don't go to church because we have to. We go to church because we want to!