Why do we serve our community?

There are billions of people in this world who are living broken lives because they have no hope. They have no hope for a better meal, education, or life for their children and they do not have the real hope that only comes with life in Jesus. What is hope? Hope is the glimmer of light in a dark place, the first hint of rain for an arid land, the belief that something better is coming. As followers of Jesus Christ, our hope is that there is more to life than jobs, homes, cars and vacations. Our hope is to know God and to worship Him forever. Living each day with that hope gives us the strength to endure this world, and to live in a way that honors God and draws others to Him. Our mission is to be reconciling the world to God and this is why missions is so important to us. Our God is a missional God and therefore we are a missional people.

Main South Outreach: 

On the first Sunday of each month from 12-3pm a team of about 10-12 people travel to Main South in Worcester to meet and build relationships with those who are living in that area and we provide outreach through prayer, conversation and donations of clothing and toiletry items. 

Other Local/Domestic Missions Opportunities:

Straight Ahead Ministries:

For information on volunteer training and orientation, contact Bonnie Thiesing at 508-753-8700 ext. 101 or email Bonnie@straightahead.org

Lighthouse Mission Food Pantry:

165 Pleasant Street, Worcester, 01609
Distribution: Every Monday except 1st, 11 AM to l PM

The Mustard Seed:

93 Piedmont Street, Worcester, 01609 508-754-7098
Meal Schedule: Monday through Saturday - Winter Hours: 4-6:30pm, Summer Hours: 5-6:30PM
Sunday meal served at 12 PM

John Street Baptist Church:

43 John Street, Worcester, 01609 508-753-4991
Meals served on Saturdays, 11 AM to 1 PM. Emergency food box distribution at the same time.
Salvation Army Citadel-Sally's Place
640 Main Street, Worcester, 01608

Missionaries and Ministries supported by Holden Chapel:

• Ann Roon, Children's Haven, Worcester, MA. Email: aeroon@juno.com 

• Chris & Laura Dakas, Albania, Balkan Missions Outreach. Email: chris@stephencenter.com

• Nate & Caroline Daman, U-Mass, Amherst, Navigators. Email: thedamans@gmail.com 

• Brad & Becky Johnson, Thailand, Grace Christian Academy. Email: pumaprints@yahoo.com 

• Joel & Karen Grey, Burkina Faso, Africa, SIM. Email: joel.gray@sim.org; or karen.gray@sim.org

• Olga Goncharenko, Belarus, Spring of Revival. Email: olga@stoneworksinternational.com 

• Ray & Cindy LeClair, Ukraine, ACSI. Email: Cincy_LeClair@acsi.org or raymond@acsi.kiev.ua. 

• Rick & Debbie Sacra, Liberia, SIM. 

• Joe & Ann Shea, Worcester County, Campus Ambassadors. Email: joe@agenerationinneed.com Blog

• Eric & Julie Swanson, Wycliffe, Papau New Guinea. Email: julieswanson@wycliffe.org 

• Eric & Kristi Stolzfus, Central Mass, Young Life. Email: ufema@comcast.com

  • Matt and Rebecca Litchfield. U-Mass Dartmouth, CRU. Email: matthew.litchfield@cru.org