Our Mission

We desire to be a church who glorifies God by our Giving, Growing and Going. So we prioritize the following values in all we do:

giving wood grain


  • GIVING OUR TIME – For us, worship is not an event, worship is a lifestyle. We believe all of life is sacred and is meant to be lived for God. So we want to be a community who dedicates every moment of our lives to the glory of God and to the continuance of God’s plan for the world.
  • GIVING OUR RESOURCES – We want to provide the necessary tools for God’s people to effectively do God’s work. So all our activities are aimed at training and equipping participants to fulfill God’s unique calling on their lives.

growing wood grain

  • GROWING IN OUR KNOWLEDGE – We want to grow in our knowledge of God’s Word because we believe the Bible is true in what it intends to communicate. We read as much of the Bible as often as we can because the better we know God’s Word, the more equipped we are to live according to God’s good plans for us.
  • GROWING IN OUR WITNESS - We want to grow in our effectiveness of talking about Scripture with others. Our church strives to model an approach of communication characterized by humility, love, balance, and clarity.

going wood grain

  • GOING TOWARDS ONE ANOTHER – We want to be a community of people who embraces one another, no matter our differences. Our intergenerational model allows each person in our community to be fully heard and treated as fully valuable. In our relationships with one another we prioritize honesty, vulnerability, forgiveness, transparency and grace.
  • GOING TOWARDS THE WORLD – We encourage our members to serve God outside the church because the church does not exist for itself. The church exists for the world. Our community service is not an addendum to the Gospel, it is a core aspect of the Gospel itself.